MOC: Something Needs to be Done

Posted on May 19, 2017 13:10

Megan Edison, MD, had finally had enough. Fed up with constantly changing requirements and ever-increasing fees to maintain board certification from the American Board of Pediatrics, Doctor Edison decided to test the waters on how “voluntary” it is to keep up with Maintenance of Certification (MOC). She quickly learned there is nothing voluntary about it.


2015 was the last straw.


After years of being hounded by her certifying board for money, research and enrollment in continuing education well ahead of schedule, Doctor Edison has finally had enough. The request for $1,300 to maintain her “voluntary” board certification fell on deaf ears. Doctor Edison decided to keep her money.


And she paid dearly for it.


“Within weeks of failing to pay, my name was erased from the Board of Pediatrics website - it was as if I had never passed my boards to begin with, never mind the fact that I had actually passed them twice,” said Doctor Edison.


Things quickly went from bad to worse when Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan informed Doctor Edison that she would no longer be allowed to see her patients. Within days, they were all notified they would need to find a new pediatrician.


“There was nowhere for me to turn. No recourse I could take. I had no choice but to pay the fee. I care too much about my patients to ever jeopardize them or their care.”


Seconds after paying, Doctor Edison was again board certified, and in just a few hours, she was reinstated by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan.


“People don’t understand how much power these boards have over physicians. It was a total shakedown, and the fact that it happened isn’t surprising - there’s just no oversight here. There’s nothing stopping these boards from naming their price. They know physicians will pay because frankly, we have no other choice. If my story demonstrates anything, it’s that. These boards are holding physicians hostage and something needs to be done about it. ”


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