Doctor Dubravec: Proving a Point

Posted on May 19, 2017 13:12

Fed up with Maintenance of Certification (MOC) requirements, Martin Dubravec, MD, decided to do something about it. The physician from Cadillac started his own board certifying organization – the National Board of Clinical Medicine - to prove a point - board certification can be meaningful without being a burden.

As an Allergist that has spent the past 16 years practicing in a rural community, Doctor Dubravec has witnessed first-hand the negative consequences associated with Michigan’s strict MOC environment.

“Great physicians are electing to leave Michigan to practice in more MOC-friendly states,” said Doctor Dubravec. “This is a huge problem that’s especially worrisome for smaller, more rural communities like most of Northern Michigan. When physicians from these underserved communities leave, the impact on patients is truly detrimental.”

Doctor Dubravec’s practice is a perfect example. As the only pediatric asthma specialist in the four-county area, Doctor Dubravec’s presence in the community is the only thing standing between his patients and a lack of reasonable access to the kind of care they need. But the time, cost and complete lack of value associated with maintaining MOC requirements has Doctor Dubravec wondering if he too should consider a move.

Doctor Dubravec hasn’t left yet though. Instead he’s decided to tackle the problem more proactively.

In 2011, Doctor Dubravec started the National Board of Clinical Medicine (NBCM) as an alternative credentialing organization for physicians who wish to be board certified and want it to be meaningful.

“The goal is to make board certification what it should be – an extra voluntary step that doctors can take to demonstrate that they’ve gone over a set of material that’s relevant to what they do. It’s not mandatory and it shouldn’t be used for any type of credentialing or financial arrangement decision.”

As of now, the National Board of Clinical Medicine only serves Allergists/Immunologists, but Doctor Dubravec says the organization is working to expand credentialing beyond those specialties. 

“This is about demonstrating that credentialing doesn’t have to be meaningless. There’s a better way to do this, and we’re providing the example.”

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