Michigan Patients Have a Right 2 Care

Some Michigan health insurance plans are threatening to cut off Michigan patients’ access to the highly trained physicians they know and trust, unless those physicians participate in a costly, time-consuming Maintenance of Certification scheme.

How do Maintenance of Certification requirements hurt Michigan patients?

  • Michigan patients benefit when their physicians are 100 percent focused on their care—not unnecessary bureaucracy and busy work that keeps doctors out of the exam room while driving up the cost of health care.
  • When already-licensed physicians are forced to pay tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary “certification” fees, it means higher costs for patients and insurance providers. Higher costs mean barriers to access and less affordable care.
  • Insurance company plans to take away patients’ physicians is a dangerous move that puts Michigan’s health and well-being at risk!


Physicians are already required by Michigan law to complete 150 hours of continuing medical education credits as a condition of relicensure every three years. 


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Bill documents

 House Bill 4134 (2017)

House Bill 4135 (2017)



How does MOC hurt patients and physicians?