Today, already-licensed Michigan physicians are subjected to redundant, expensive, and low-value Maintenance of Certification procedures. Doctors spend tens of thousands of dollars and ridiculous amounts of time on bureaucratic red tape that add zero value to their patients, and drive up the price of health care for everyone.

How do Maintenance of Certification requirements hurt Michigan physicians?

  • Highly trained, already-licensed Michigan physicians’ number one focus is their patients, but MOC red tape gets in the way of that relationship and in some cases actually ends life-long doctor-patient relationships.
  • Maintenance of Certification is an out-of-state scheme that drives up the cost of health care while limiting physicians’ time with their patients.
  • Physicians already maintain education requirements to keep their licenses to practice medicine and have the right to deliver high quality health care to their patients.  Onerous and expensive insurance company policies shouldn’t stand in their way.

Physicians are already required by Michigan law to complete 150 hours of continuing medical education credits as a condition of relicensure every three years.


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Bill documents

House Bill 4134 (2017)

House Bill 4135 (2017)



How does MOC hurt patients and physicians?